How to install bearing

Ball Bearings as one of the most common parts used in most machines with moving parts, it's crucial to know what is the best way of mounting a radial ball or roller bearing.EFG bearing manufacturer shares the experience here.

Take into consideration the maximum service life of each component if you want to get the most out of your machinery.

 A faulty mounting can lead to a decreased service life,therefore be serious about installation  in case of leading to unexpected costs and stop in production.

To successfully mount and install a ball bearing you'll need to accept the fact that investing in education and time initially, will save you regular maintenance costs on the long haul.

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Method of installation from EFG-----to install the bearing,heat is the key.

When pressing bearings in place, there's a lot of things that can go wrong. First off, you should only apply even force on the outer races. And how often does one have the correct press ring on hand? So the easy way is to grab a socket and press on the inner race. Bad plan. Second it's easy to slightly "cock" the bearing thereby damaging the bore in the process. Third it's difficult to know when the bearing has "bottomed out" with a press. So we apply more force and go by "feel". A better approach is to heat the cases, and if you want, put the bearings (or races) in the freezer. That way they drop right in place!


1) Never place aluminum parts on hot plates of any kind. It is next to impossible to heat evenly and even harder to control the temperature. Remember, when you approach 400 deg./F, (from metallurgical standpoint) you're in the danger zone.

2) Never use a torch of any kind, again for the above reasons, plus the fact that aluminum dissipates heat rapidly and you wind up overheating areas that also damages the metallurgy of the aluminum.

3) Never heat the bearing itself. It makes it grow and become harder to remove.

4) Never try to locally cool the bearing to shrink it. The cases will cool as well and everything gets tight.

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