Wind Power Industry

Improve wind turbine performance and profitability

Wind power gearbox units are installed at the air outlets of high mountains, wilderness, beaches, islands, etc., subject to irregular wind direction, variable load wind, and strong gusts. They are also subject to extreme weather all year round, and the working environment is very bad. In addition, the gear box is installed in the narrow space on the top of the fan tower. Once a failure occurs, it is very difficult to repair, so it puts very high requirements on its reliability and service life.

Bearings are the key parts in wind power gearboxes. The stability and reliability of the bearings play a vital role in the normal operation of the wind power gearbox.

EFG can provide all bearing products used in the full range of wind power gearboxes. Based on years of experience in the wind power industry, Enfujie has a thorough understanding of the wind power gearbox, comprehensive design optimization and production optimization of the bearings used on the wind power gearbox, and can provide customized products and services according to customer needs . Enfujie's advanced technology will help the wind power gearbox to operate accurately and reliably in any harsh environment.